QUEUE Management System

QUEUE Management System

Queue Management systems are designed to improve queue and staff productivity in different industries. Studies show customers prefer banks and hospitals where queue management systems are installed. Long lines and frustrated customers are a problem for every industry, but a solution exists. With our Queue management system, you modernize customer journey processes and create a smoother in-store experience.

Queue Management system aims to reduce waiting time, improve organization, enhance communication, and provide a better experience to customers/patients. With the implementation of the Virtual Queue Management System, organizations can optimize their services, leading to improved services and increased customer satisfaction.

Product Features



LED Queue display installed at registration counter to display latest token number counter wise.



Self appointment Kiosk provide the feedback option to capturing the best understanding of patient's thinking and Satisfaction regarding healthcare Service.



The web based management portal contains report, Dashboard & Analysis module. The Queue-Token System monitor the patients flow and generate valuable information.



Compact and portable and durable for heavy usage token machine provided with solution which easily able to handle 20000 or more transactions per day.



QMS has inbuilt facility to sent the SMS alerts to Patient on trigger like Queue Token generation, Reminder one day prior, indication that he has been called.



System has browser based interface to help the user to access the system without installing any client.

How It Helps

  • With a digital queuing solution, you can see, at a glance, who is waiting in a queue and for how long. It makes all information trackable.
  • It gives your customers peace of mind and freedom to use their time in a way they want
  • Making your services customer-centric helps influence the perception of your organisation in a positive way. Patients are more willing to recommend your service to other people.
  • Customer who see an innovative sign-in technology will be more confident in your competence as a services provider.
  • A queuing solution facilitates communication between departments and optimizes workflow between different types of services — front desk, etc.




Hospital Queue System

Waiting for treatment can be difficult and stressful. To address this issue, we introduced/designed a Queue Management System for Hospitals to simplify the waiting process and enhance the patient experience. This innovative system reduces the frustration of long lines by enabling patients to receive timely and efficient treatment.


Retail Queue System

Queue Management Software Systems in retail stores help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and are one of the key elements to creating an enjoyable shopping experience, particularly at checkout. According to recent studies, one out of every three potential customers will leave the store without making purchases if their checkout queue lasts more than 5 minutes before clearing. Shopping experiences have become more convenient and efficient with Retail Queue Management System. This innovative system aims to streamline the queuing process and enhance customer satisfaction.


Banking Queue System

In banks, the number of daily customers is very high. Attending to too many customers is difficult and frustrating; waiting in long lines at banks is also time-consuming. After viewing and studying this issue, we introduced the #1 Banking Queue System to overcome this issue. By using our Queue management system for banks, banks can easily streamline their operations, enhance customer satisfaction, reduce waiting time, and create a positive and efficient banking environment.


Educational/Institutes Queue System

With the help of the Tenwave Educational/Institutes Queue Management System, waiting in long queues at educational institutes, such as schools and colleges reduced.
By reducing wait times, facilitating appointment scheduling, and providing personalized assistance, this system enhances the overall learning experience for students and parents. With the implementation of our Queue Management System, educational institutes can optimize their operations, improve workflow and communication, and create a more organized and secure environment for everyone involved in the educational journey.


Food & Beverage Queue System

Implementing our F&B Queue Management System is improved the dining experience for customers. F&B establishments can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by reducing wait times, optimizing table management, and providing personalized service.
With our F&B Queue Management System, owners of restaurants and food establishments can streamline operations, improve customer engagement, and create a more efficient and enjoyable dining environment.