Document Management Systems

Document Management Systems

Organization is a key element of managing a successful business. Although every company has unique organizational needs, how you track, store and manage your internal documents can greatly impact the efficiency of your operations. Businesses generate a lot of data regardless, so choosing a reliable and scalable DMS is key to streamlining and automating workflows. It is the starting point for storing, securing, and sharing various business documents. Version control, workflows, access permissions, backup, and data protection can also be handled by a DMS.
Tenwave's DMS is fully featured, easy to use and secure system, have look in feature lits

Product Features


Document Upload

Allow easy upload of documents using various methods


Document Organisation

User can create the different type of folders and subfolders as per organisation needs


Document Security

Advanced security features that ensure you have full control on who accesses what type of documents


Document Versioning

Allow various versions of the same document to be maintained



Users should be able give comments on documents and ask for responses from other users


Indexing and Searching

Define the indexing requirements as per the document type.For example, an Employee document may have Employee Code as one of its index fields


Workflow Management

Helps an organization to design, execute, and automate various business processes where tasks are passed from one participant to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules

How It Helps

  • Paper Documentation need extensive storage, Scan and upload the paper in DMS save your expensive office space.
  • Management of document as softcopy save lots of cost.
  • DMS help all user to quickly access all your documents without searching in filing cabinets.
  • Indexing of physical document is diffcult task. DMS will provide robust indexing and ensure proper organisation.
  • Organisation of documents improve productivity level of your staffs.
  • Versioning of document help you to track the original file.
  • DMS simply help the business to go green and environment friedly by reducing paper needs.