Human Resource Management system

Human Resource Management system

The HR work in an organization is to maintain recruitment of employee, time management,management of the payroll, and other employee management process.The manualhandling of the employee recruitment, time scheduling and the salary slip creation for thethousands of employee organization is difficult task.The requirement of the automated system makes the job easy for the HR department in an effective manner.
A Human Resource Management System, refers to the systems and processes at the intersection between human resource management and information technology.HRMS system design and develop to manage the HR activities and processes with the help of information technology

Product Features


Employee Management

Manage onboarding, appraisal, revision, seperation etc.Employee Appraisal process includes KRA, Potential Evaluation factor. New Employee addition with all details like employee name , Age , designation, department , dependent detail, ESI and PF account


Leave Management

Employee will apply the leaves from HR portal. HR manager can see the leave status.Employee leave request sent to reporting manager for approval.System controls the balance leave of employee and show to employee on leave dashboard


Attendance Management

System allows the Biometric machine integration and allows the attendance update through mobile app/HR Portal


Payroll Management

System generates the salary of all employees on the basis of employee salary structure and pays days


Mobile App for Employee

Mobile Application (Android based) to mark the attendance using geofencing technique,Mobile app provides the access for personal details like attendance, leaves, payslip, grievance resolution etc,


Recruitment Management

New Requisition for recruitment with all detail like Opening position, Reporting To, Vacancy Type(new/replacement), Job Description , Job Qualification, Job Experience, CTC

How It Helps

  • Improvement in productivity as minimal efforts will yield better results.
  • Automation can also help you operate your HR department with lesser resources.
  • Reducing errors creeping into your HR operational work to a large extent.
  • Easily pulling up information, for example, leave and attendance data for payroll processing
  • Transaparancy and allow employees to see complete data like onboarding, managing leave requests and attendance they feel more empowered.
  • Single point for all HR related data, No more of going through mail exchanges for leave re.quests or approvals for time off.
  • Multiple reports provide information for situation analysis and making strategic decisions.
  • HRMS enables seamless communication to reach each and every employee.
  • Any announcements, reminders or just a check-in.