Material Management

Material Management

Your material handling systems can determine everything from how you store your products to their movement throughout your manufacturing plant or warehouse.An integrated material handling systems helps facilitate the smooth operation of all material handling equipment – some of it manual, some semi-automated and some fully automated
MM automation ensure that you are transporting goods in the most efficient and cost-effective ways as possible.

Product Features


Quotation Management

Enter the quotation from different vendors and compare the quote


Vendor Management

Vendor Details, Vender payment and Vendor outstanding tracking through this module


Purchase Order Management

Generate the PO from Indent directly. System has option to pick price from last purchase or lowest quotation. Approval team can be attached with PO for approval. Auto email of approved PO to vendor is available


GRN Management

Good Receive Note (GRN) to enter the received items in main store.


Indent Management

Departments can generate the indent as per their requirements.


Central Store and Sub store management

Depending upon the nature of business, location of action, raw material, market place etc. Stores' Layout is planned. Hence it is necessary to have a look at different types / classification of Stores


Gate-pass Management

Visitor Gatepass, Inward Gatepass and Outward gatepass modules are availables in system


Asset Management

Manage assets based on location, department, asset type. Link asset with different contracts like SLA, OEM, AMC etc Create inspection plans of assets.Transfer assets between departments.


Email and SMS based notification

Track item requisitions, vendor quotations and purchase orders to purchase items. Send SMS or email alerts to approval team

How It Helps

  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce inventory excesses
  • Shorten delivery times
  • Better Access to Data
  • Real-time monitoring of stocks and sortage
  • Faster time to Market
  • Enhance handling through streamlining and better timing
  • Lower overall handling costs in manufacturing, distribution and transportation